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Healing Therapies



Alchemy Healing

These treatments can be for up to a 5 day intensive programme or they can be for a minimum of 1.5 hours. They can be weekly, monthly or yearly. They cater to the exact need of the person at that specific time. Whether it be for an emotional or physical illness or for them to learn more about themselves and their present situation.


My holistic approach, brings wisdom and power back to the client, helping them find their own inner clarity, strength and peace. I also teach my clients how to find their answers within, providing great empowerment.

Legal Research and Writing


Home Healing

Restore physical and emotional well-being over the internet anywhere in the world. Taking you into a deep trance like state and going straight to the root of an issue. The Issue is then cleansed from your system and your system is reset. Skype Appointments are available for those who live abroad and are unable to travel for private sessions or to any of the upcoming workshop locations. Treatments are for 1.5 hours and cost 230USD

Please note that sessions can be booked online at 3:00pm or 5:00pm (GMT+3) only.

For any other hours, please email me 

Group Meeting


"Alchemy- The Art of Transformation" - The Amanda Ronson method is a 10 step journey of growth and transformation. Practical integrated spirituality for every day life! Bringing you into Unity consciousness!

In just 10 sessions, you can embark on a very personal and powerful transformation, moving quickly through layers of consciousness moving into a much lighter existence. As all issues are there to be learnt from, I will teach you how to use your own emotions and feelings as guiding tools - as a result, instead of fighting, you will be able to go with the flow and release much unneeded baggage. 

The course will give you a greater understanding of why you’ve been through what you’ve been through and why you’ve chosen this very specific journey for yourself. Once you know more about you, I can teach you how to approach, handle and solve issues in the best way for you. You will be able to really experience your feelings, be true to them, no longer be stuck in your negative emotions or continuously activated by your EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS.  

The course will also teach and give you the tools to HEAL YOURSELF and clear your own emotional blockages, making it easier for you to move into unity consciousness and start living a heart centred life. After all, we are all in Union together!

Each week, I will work through the following questions providing guidance and valuable tools for life, as the universe opens through questioning.

  1. The foundation for the course is based on this simple question: Who am I? By asking this question, we can start to be aware of what we carry within us and anything that we believe doesn’t serve us or stands in the way of our alignment, we can change by altering your perception. 

2. Once we know who we really are, we can then dive into the next question: 

What made me the way I am? In this part, you will meet your inner child and really hear him or her. You will discover what made you the way you are. This is all about energy flow and putting light on a situation to create those changes. 

3. How can I free myself from negative patterns and addictions? This session is all about throwing out anger, pain and suffering along with clearing emotional blockages and moving away from addictions. Sometimes, we even blame others for our pain so we will also be looking at forgiveness in this section. 

4. How can I heal my physical body? Your body will always tell you when something is wrong by creating illness to get your attention so we learn in this section to appreciate these ailments and use them to heal emotional blocks. It will also give you a deeper understanding of the healing process to prevent further dis-ease.

5. After this, you have to find your balance. How is it possible to love myself and not be affected by others' judgments and opinions? This session is all about strengthening your core and to do that you have to learn about forgiveness of self and integrate your heart and head, integrate of inner child and your masculine and feminine energies. 

6. What should you be working on? In this session you are introduced to the idea of your life path. Here you will receive an understanding of past lives and meet your guides.

7. Why am I here? We all have a reason for being here and this starts with becoming the best version of ourselves by doing the work in sections 1-6. This section will teach you what you want to do next with this new and improved you and how you want to project your light.

8. What do I really want? In this session you will be learning to do what is best for you. You will start to understand how you can work together with your guides and team and also your own inner voice and intuition. 

9. How do I stay in the present and live in awareness? Now we have to take everything that we’ve learned and find a way for you to bring it down into reality so that you can live your human experience whilst keeping your newly found knowledge.

10. How do I create what I truly want in life? The final session teaches co-creation! You will learn about creating future life perfect, alignment, creating what your true self wants and doing that by seeing a more global perspective. 

(Alchemy Healing Copyright)

10 Weekly online live session

 2 hours each session

Regular price $550

Early bird price- $330

 Sundays Starting 5th May 2019 7:00pm (GMT+3)


Please not that if you would like to participate in the practitioners workshop, you must have completed my 10 step course "Alchemy- The Art of Transformation" 

Office with Triangle Windows


Held over a long weekend

The 10 step "Alchemy" 
weekly course in a 3 day intensive workshop.
Workshops will be held in various locations throughout the year and will be listed at the appropriate time.


If you would be interested in arranging a workshop in your city and location, please send me a request.

Study Group on the Grass


For practitioners only

This workshop is for those wishng to learn or use the Amanda Ronson Method in order to implement it within their existing practice. This course is suitable for therapists, alternative medicine practitioners, spiritual teachers, coaches, psychologist or social workers. In these training sessions you will learn new techniques and methods that you can work with, on your own clients.

In order to participate in the practitioners workshop, you must have completed my 10 step course "Alchemy- The Art of Transformation"


When an appointment request or inquiry is sent, you will receive a pricing structure for review. If you have special considerations or needs, we can discuss them together to reach the right solutions.

Cancelations must be made at least 24 hours in advance or there will be a charge of half the appointment fee automatically.


Your confidentiality is assured at all times.

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