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What My Clients Are Saying......

Amanda Ronson is a healer beyond my wildest expectations. When I entered my first session with her, I wasn’t sure what to expect regarding her healing modality and the use of alchemical transformation. By the end of the session, she had helped me to self-heal a physical ailment I had carried with me since birth. Really and truly, the healing was instantaneous, and the condition I used to struggle with daily has remained healed, months later. 


Amanda is an expert at her craft, and her ability to guide clients into spaces where they can self-heal issues that are sometimes decades, or even lifetimes old, is priceless. She is truly at the top of her field, and her experience, skill, and mastery is unparalleled. If you are thinking about exploring working with Amanda…. do it. The results she garners are life-changing. Ashley Smith-Roberts, JD/LLM, Smith Roberts Consulting International, LLC



                                                     Ashley Smith-Roberts

“Amanda has a gift. She has an innate and intuitive instinct and based on an incredible knowledge of healing, Amanda will focus in on the issues quickly and accurately. She is calm and supportive in her approach and takes you on an amazing and enlightening healing journey. With Amanda, things feel so simple and straightforward and she helps you get clarity of issues that were blocking you before. I don't know how she works her magic! I have the added bonus of knowing Amanda for many, many years and can truly say that she is the real deal. Highly recommended." Sally - Executive Talent Recruiter, LA, California.

Sally Drexler

"I want everyone I know to go to Amanda. My sessions were so awakening and insightful. After years of therapy I still felt a huge gap between what I knew and putting everything into practice. Amanda taught me that my wounds needed to be healed. I had very deep childhood wounds from abuse that had affected all areas of my life. Really, all areas. All my relationships with people, from friends, boyfriends, even work colleagues. She helped me face my deep dark secrets with love and find my strength and soul mate. During my treatments I dealt with all the things in my life that were weighing me down and keeping me stuck. I wasn't afraid to make the changes and have those hard conversations. Now I can connect with people in a more authentic way without compromising myself. I'm so happy and proud that I did all of it. Thank you Amanda"

Tanya Izhar


What My Clients Are Saying

“After years of soul searching, studying different philosophies and theories and a lot of deep self-exploration, I reached a point in life where I was in desperate need of guidance. I wasn’t sure what kind, but by this time I was already aware of the fact that if there was anything in life I needed, all I had to do was ask the universe for it, truly mean it, and it would arrive in some way or another into my life. A few days after asking for this spiritual guidance, I saw Amanda at my father’s birthday party. I knew she was deep into this area of exploration and asked her a quick question about Indigo children. Amanda immediately invited me to join her new course that had just started, explaining how it would be perfect for me. It was as if she knew exactly what I was looking for - try spiritual guidance to help take that next step into higher consciousness.

I started the course that same week and can honestly say that it has changed my life from top to bottom. During the course, I have dealt with many minor and major issues in my life that I never thought I could deal with. Self-love, dealing with insecurities and ongoing issues I had with myself, my family and my choices and path in life are just some of the things Amanda has helped me deal with. I never knew I could feel this light, as if a heavy weight has been lifted from off my shoulders and I can finally see the world as it is and live a free, happy life full of joy and love.

All of these thoughts, doubts, and worries I had running through my head were clouding my judgment and caused me to believe that something was wrong with me. This deep feeling that I don’t belong anywhere has haunted me from my very first childhood memories, but in the course, I met people who were just like me, who understood everything I was talking about and who accepted me, just as I am.

That is one of the amazing things I have received from joining Amanda’s course - the realization that I am not alone.

Amanda managed to get together the right group of people for the course. It feels like we are all on the same path, which makes the process easier and more enjoyable. We have created together a very strong connection that gets stronger with every session. We have managed to create a safe place for us to express our inner souls without judgment, and that alone is worth it all.

Opening up and talking about your darkest secrets, desires and thoughts is not an easy thing to do, but Amanda always made me feel comfortable to share these things, and her guidance has allowed me to progress instead of regress again into deep depression.

I must say that besides the actual sessions, ever since I joined the course I feel like Amanda is completely there for me, every step of the way. Whether it be messaging me at the exact moment I needed to ask her a question or inviting me to pop over whenever I needed an energy boost, she has been there for me throughout this amazing journey I have embarked on, and I am sure she will be there to accompany me all the way to me finding the rest of the answers I have been looking for, my entire life.


I don’t know where I would be without Amanda’s course and I am ever so grateful for being able to be a part of this amazing thing she is trying to do on this planet earth."

Natalie Lahav, Writer, Tel Aviv.

Natalie Lahav

Amanda Ronson's professional technique one on one is truly a life enhancing experience. The sessions are extraordinarly valuable to me and would be to all who strive to fill the spiritual aspect of their lives....... Susan Weikers Balaban, Baltimore, USA

Susan Weikers Balaban

I have been looking inward for a while now. When I decided that I want to learn more about healing through meditation and other techniques the universe aligned me with Amanda Ronson and her Alchemy Healing Course. In the spiritual world the idea of Alchemy is to bring us back to our purest form - to our souls. Our truth, before our human experiences created masks / emotional blockages / dis ease etc. We would meet once a week for a course of 10 meetings and learn her techniques. The beauty of this course is that you learn through self practice. Essentially, we learnt to heal others by healing ourselves. An awareness becomes present, you start to see clarity and truth in everything and everyone, void of ego. It’s such a beautiful thing. Throughout the course I peeled back many layers - getting rid of damaging believes that I instilled in my childhood. I met my inner child, which I now know to love and nurture. I learnt to take responsibility for everything that shows up in my life. To acknowledge whatever comes up and to give it a space - even if it's uncomfortable and not to judge myself. We talk about our “tikounim” and our soul’s purpose amongst other things. But the best part of this course, is that I learnt to love myself - something that I had been trying to learn for 37yrs. Through out the course a synergy was created between all 6 of us, Amanda included. A bond of love, compassion and support. This bond created a safe space which allowed me to truly open up to myself. At Amanda’s I met Myself and my Spirit Tribe. I walk away with Self Love, Clarity and Truth. Thank you Amanda and thank you Spirit Tribe for playing such a beautiful part on my journey. Zoar Asher, Accessories Designer, Tel Aviv

Zoar Asher,

On a recent trip to Israel last month, I set the intention that as I walked the land of my ancestors I'd meet a Wise Woman who could connect me back to my cultures mystical teachings.
✨And just like Magik she appeared✨
We connected instantly, recognising she was the answer to my call. With only a couple of days left of my trip she told me not to worry as she was coming to London to share her teachings in a 3 day intensive Alchemy healing course. Oh how I just love the power of manifestation!! 🕊
So I attended this week and have just stepped out of a truly profound and transformational journey within, emerging with that much more light, wisdom, spiritual tools and faith. It's a truly amazing feeling when you connect to a path you know your meant to be walking... 💫✨I thank Amanda so deeply for answering my call, and sharing your wisdom with me. I feel the journey has only begun. Sending lots and lots of love,

Anoushka, Healer and holder of goddess space, London 

Anoushka Loftus



I would like to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful session yesterday. You are truly an amazing genuine person, passionate with such a pure aura and energy. I felt blessed to be able to meet you, to be understood and guided. Thanks to you, It was quite magical and surreal to reconnect with this memories, but also to realize how limitless and powerful we are! Even though I can feel that we have more to discover so that I can let it go completely, I feel more relaxed, empowered, and see things through a different perspective. I can’t thank you enough, I am so motivated to keep going in my body, mind and soul healing process.

I have registered right away to your 10 step online course, and I just can’t wait to start in May !!

In parallel, I would love to continue sessions with you from time to time. After all this difficult years of illness, depression, bulimia, willing to die… It gives me so much joy and hope to finally shift towards a new future. 

Until the next sessions, I wish you the very best Amanda,

Take care,

Marie-Sophie Amsterdam

Marie-Sophie Bourguignon

"I will forever remember that day, the day I discovered that something is really; really wrong with the one thing I thought was perfect in me, my heath. A little asthma as a child, that’s all. A runny nose at wintertime, nothing to complain about, and all of a sudden-these strange / worried looks that this x-ray technician is giving me in the Mammogram unit in "Meir" Hospital. What's up? Why is she giving me those looks? Why is it taking them so long to give me a simple result of the mammogram? There were many thoughts rushing through my mind. One moment I was thinking they would be telling me "It's O.K mam, the lump you are feeling in your breast is just some left over milk from when you were breastfeeding your son, 9 months ago. And the next moment, my brain started to ask itself-WHAT IF??? What if it's really that? It can't be? But what if it IS? It was an agonizing wait. The rest of that bitter day, January the 1st, 2009, will forever be engraved in my memory, but with that storm exploding upon our heads-came an unexpected white cloud of comfort and compassion. Amanda knew about the lump I was feeling a few days before Jan. 1st. At that stage we were all hoping that the lump I felt was just a cyst or a non-malignant tumor. When we came back from my parents, shocked and broken on that Jan 1st afternoon, we called Amanda again to reveal the bad news. Instead of Oy veying, she just said: SHIT!!! We're going to have to start and do some serious work on you girl! And from that moment on, even though at the time I was too devastated to understand exactly what type of work we are going to do, I totally surrendered to the work Amanda has introduced to me. Being a cancer patient is pretty much a full time job, both physically and mentally. Everything needed preparation: I was terrified from so many things: Is the cancer local or did it spread? God forbid!!! How will I react to the Goddamn chemo? And later on that year-how will my right arm behave without a full set of lymph nodes that will be taken out from it? Each session with Amanda usually addressed one of these big concerns. (There is no shortage of big concerns when you go through this!...) The sessions all take place in one of the most relaxing rooms I've ever known. Candles are lit everywhere, a good scent is in the air, and relaxing music is played while we're both getting ready. Me-for my part lying on the treatment bed relaxing, and Amanda, preparing herself for the energy work and healing. When It starts-It's so personal, and the reaction changes each time. There were times my thoughts were traveling, there were times I was feeling the energy almost as electricity, and there were times I was crying my eyes out (while they were closed.) After the healing was over, I never knew how long it took, but it always felt enough. We would then move to the next part of the session, a meeting with the guides. Now I must say here, that I am not new to the idea of guides. I did a channeling course about 9 years ago. I used to channel for myself or other people in the past, but channeling with Amanda, with a proper preparation of using my imagination all through the process, is quite a different experience. The beautiful, sparkling white light of love and light was helping me to get into that special frame of mind I needed in order to get answers for my most burning questions. And answers I've got. In a very strange and miraculous way, every answer I got from the guide, turned out to be true and accurate in real life! Every single answer, starting with-"will my arm lose a lot of its ability after the operation?" going to "Is he the right Doctor for me?" The channeling sessions were magical. I felt we were reaching higher and higher every time. Who’s we? Well, depends who you ask. I'd say It's me, Amanda and our gang-of guides, of course. A most important part of the channeling session is how Amanda leads it. She is the responsible adult, asking both my guide and me the right and relevant questions and tracking down the answers. One thing amongst many others that has stricken me about Amanda is that she was not afraid to deal with all the different, most difficult aspects of my cancer and she was brave to deal with hard issues professionally and straightforwardly. There is no doubt in my mind that the sessions with Amanda have made a real difference on how my body reacted to the chemotherapy (almost no bad reaction at all, because it was well prepared) and how it fought the Cancer. The doctors had only expected the chemo to reduce the tumor and to their great surprise just before they wanted to operate the tumor had disappeared! The doctors were shocked, but they decided to operate any way, to ensure the surrounding area was 100% clean…… which it was! Amanda continued working with me helping my body to recover from the operation, all went exceptionally well. That's the physical aspect. Regarding the mental aspect, this work enabled me to soften the big hit in the face and maybe even understand a few things that are hidden to the eye. It's been quite a journey away from that horrible day in January, and I'm so grateful that one lady had the strength to say, in a very confident voice: common girl, we're going to get you out of this!"
Dalia Jazz Singer Kadima

Dalia Pinkas

“At first I was a bit skeptical about visiting an Energy Medicine Practitioner, but after my sessions with Amanda Ronson, I am now a believer. I’ve never felt better, all the pain I had been suffering from for years has been released. I recommend her technique to Everyone!”

Joy Williams

"There's a saying that the journey is just as important as the destination and this is exactly how I feel about Amanda's course. It has been an incredibly uplifting journey crossing different paths and often taking roads untravelled. At times challenging, always thought provoking, and amongst a group of people I feel privileged to have met. I wasn't expecting some of what I've uncovered about myself, nor to engage with a group of warm, funny and charming strangers whose stories I now feel connected to. This has indeed been an extraordinary adventure.
Changes have taken shape quite subtly over time but I can see there has been a huge shift. Firstly, I am now meditating daily and consider it to be an important part of my day. I am able to create space before responding to things and this has helped manage difficult or potentially emotional situations. As a result I have started to see people react differently to me. Anxiety is something I've always endured since childhood but the improvement here is immeasurable. Although it hasn't disappeared completely, I now have the tools to keep it well under control and have created a safe environment within myself through Amanda's guidance. I can detach from negative emotions such as guilt... they still surface but I don't give them importance anymore. I would love to continue this work as there is so much more to learn and I feel I've only just begun". Marissa i.e founder of Another Africa Ltd, business owner

Marisa Lassman

"Going through the Alchemy Healing process was a life altering experience. Not only did I receive the knowledge and wisdom that I was seeking but also learnt how to apply it to real life situations as the course unraveled. I feel that the tools I gained have given me a strong sense of purpose, personal understanding and a powerful guidance to continue independently. Amanda uses a unique teaching and guidance style, which has not only made the course a nurturing and empowering journey but also a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I recommend this to anyone who feels they are ready to challenge themselves to open and unleash the true power we have within us." Tamar Pross- Entrepreneur / business woman Based in Tel Aviv

Tamar Pross

"I am going through a difficult divorce but through the Alchemy Healing process I have developed the skills to trust in the Universe and let go of the negative energies that have held me back. Through the classes, I have discovered my life purpose and that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. The classes and private sessions with Amanda have given me strength, confidence and awareness about myself and my situation. Amanda has amazing insight and sensitivity towards her students and clients and has helped me recognize my own courage and self empowerment."
Jennifer Bushman - writer, NYC, USA

Jennifer Bushman

"It was with complete cynicism and even a sense of the ridiculous that I first descended the stairs to Amanda's sublimely tranquil and comforting basement retreat. You can walk the earth for quite a while before coming across a greater sceptic than I. On the other hand, I am astute enough to identify and acknowledge positive people and processes on my life. After completing her two-month course, I must admit, that Amanda Ronson, to my surprise, has proven to be a guiding light. With a no-nonsense, positive spirit she packs up her sisterhood tour bus and takes you on a guided journey of self-awareness. Without a sense of the dramatic or self-important, Amanda delivers a simple and concise method to overcome one's fears and self-destructive tendencies freeing us to lead lives of greater truth and simplicity. Is it the brightening weather? Is it the weight that I've lost? I don't know. All I know is that Amanda has helped me make a few internal adjustments. And for that, I thank her." Sasha Hoffman Kfar Shmiryahu

Sasha Hoffman


What people are saying

Dear Amanda 
My apologies for taking three days to thank you for the most interesting talk, that I have been in for a long time. Also for all of us around the table at Citi we were honoured to see you speak. What  an interesting commitment you have given yourself, and in that achieved so much. I personally admire you hugely, in what you have impressed on others in life.... with your life experiences.
It was more than exciting to be in the room.....
Thank you so much...
Best Rara 

Rara Plumptre, founder of Intelligence Forums -Empowering The Next Generation of Business Leaders

"I have attended many sessions hosted by Russell Ereira on EQ and Mindfulness. He has a unique talent in making the workshops both interactive and enjoyable. I gained a lot from this experince, I would therefore happily recommend him for both of these areas."

Anne Christine, Strategic Marketing Manager

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