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Amanda Ronson's Philosophy

I am originally from London England and am a Consciousness Development Expert and Energy Master. I have been practicing Holistic Medicine for the past 15 years around the world.

After searching for answers to many of life’s questions, through study of self, religions, philosophy, and various different healing approaches from around the world, I gained a deep understanding of humankind, energy, its patterning and its flow. I became aware that energy could be corrected and healed just by understanding how the patterning was originally created.


My studies and abilities to go into such a deep abyss of thought and questioning and yet remain sane, have enabled me to develop a system of healing and transformational development. This took the form of a practical yet spiritual instruction manual to life, an easy practical step-by-step method for all to understand and use. I present the ancient wisdoms in a way that the mind can digest, and I want all to benefit from them. I want to make soul and spirit accessible. I want people to access their own power of healing and enjoy the great benefits that an integrated mind, body and soul have to offer.
My Alchemy Healing method not only focuses on those who feel troubled, or are in sickness, but those who desire to gain tools and a greater understanding of self, soul, and the environments in which they operate in.

My Alchemical approach includes elements of: mirroring techniques, spiritual counseling, guided imagery, teaching the practicalities of energy systems, light work, lessons with your spirit guides through metaphor and parables, channeling, and present life, past life and inter life regression therapy.

I have worked with clients from all walks of life, and have treated people with physical illness, emotional disorders, depression, PTSD, OCD, anxiety, behavioral disorders, addictions, learning disorders and eating disorders. I also work with people who simply want to change their lives and live with greater meaning.

My clients are from many fields of work. They are successful authors, artists, bankers, lawyers, actors, businessmen, doctors, scientists, psychologists, academics, social workers, trauma specialists, alternative medicine practitioners, spiritual teachers, coaches, parents, children, students and victims of terror.

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