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Bringing Wellness and Mindfulness into your workplace by developing and making use of Emotional Intelligence.

At present, corporations are not making full use of their human resources. When employees are not accessing all of their mind's abilities, an organization is not maximising its human potential. 

In order to be a successful corporation in today’s world, all assets need to be fully utilized. This means that the company has a responsibility to provide the necessary tools and environment for their employees to flourish. 

Corporate Alchemy has the knowledge and experience to transform any workplace into a highly efficient, productive and successful work environment.

It will take a business and transcend it to a higher level by utilising employee Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which is done by developing and strengthening it to its full working potential.

Employees with high “EQ” will:

be able to work through conflict,

focus on the task at hand,

be more assertive,

have the ability to control their ego,

have the drive to succeed,

recognise when things don’t work and take appropriate measures to fix them,

be accountable for their actions and 

have the knowledge to neutralise toxic people in a more efficient, effective and productive way.

By working with us, employees will learn how to develop a deeper understanding of cultural issues and how to connect more closely to their surroundings and environment, which will make them more amenable.

Corporate Alchemy will enhance a company’s values and re-connect the employees to the company's vision. We will align the company’s management team to that vision, so that they can re-associate themselves to the company’s greater purpose.

The management team will be given the tools to pass on to their employees so that they learn how to enhance their individual strengths and perform to their best ability, creating a close-knit, strong, pro-active and positive team of colleagues who work together and support one another.

Corporate Alchemy will provide managers with a program that they will be able to pass on to their team on a continual and ongoing basis.

We will offer advice and support, as and when necessary.


What people are saying

Dear Amanda 
My apologies for taking three days to thank you for the most interesting talk, that I have been in for a long time. Also for all of us around the table at Citi we were honoured to see you speak. What  an interesting commitment you have given yourself, and in that achieved so much. I personally admire you hugely, in what you have impressed on others in life.... with your life experiences.
It was more than exciting to be in the room.....
Thank you so much...
Best Rara 

Rara Plumptre, founder of Intelligence Forums -Empowering The Next Generation of Business Leaders

"I have attended many sessions hosted by Russell Ereira on EQ and Mindfulness. He has a unique talent in making the workshops both interactive and enjoyable. I gained a lot from this experince, I would therefore happily recommend him for both of these areas."

Anne Christine, Strategic Marketing Manager

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